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Personal Injury Lawyer Tips For Motor Vehicle Accident In Iowa

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Firm News

Accidents and injuries can interrupt your life. If you suffer an injury due to the negligence or carelessness of another person or business, that person or business is financially liable for the effects of the accident.

If you’ve been injured or had your vehicle damaged in any traffic accident in Iowa, there are a number of state laws that impact your claim and benefits.

What You Must Know Before Making a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim in Iowa

A personal injury claim includes everything from slip and fall injuries to a claim for wrongful death. One of the most common personal injuries are the result of motor vehicle accidents. Here are Iowa state laws you should know that can impact your claim:

  • There is a two-year deadline for filing most car accident injury lawsuits.  If you do not file a lawsuit or resolve your claim before the two-year deadline, your claim can be forever barred from recovery.
  • There is a five-year time limit on the filing of most suits related to any property or vehicle damage as a result of an accident caused by a car.
  • The modified comparative fault rule means the damages a plaintiff may claim for injuries are diminished in proportion to the plaintiff’s role in causing the injuries.  However, even if you have some fault for the resulting accident, you may still be able to recover for your injuries.

Here is a summary of all the tips you need for a personal injury claim in Iowa.

At the scene of the accident

You should first check the safety and condition of anyone in the vehicle. If anyone is injured, call the paramedics. Also, call the police and ask that an officer be sent to the scene.

It is important that the police are present at the scene because the report they file is important for determining which driver is legally at fault. In addition, collect the names, addresses, driver’s licence numbers, and insurance information from all the drivers involved. Also, get the contact information of any witnesses that may have seen the accident.

If possible, take photographs of the accident scene. Try and capture every valuable piece of evidence you can find.

Seeking Medical Care

It is important that you obtain timely medical treatment for your injuries. Inform the attending physician that you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident and follow their instructions. If your symptoms don’t resolve, continue to get treatment. Keeping a detailed record of any pain, symptoms, treatment, or medication taken may help your case.

The financial recovery from the accident claim will in part be determined by the seriousness of your injuries, the resulting medical treatment you receive and the impact of your injuries on your life.

Contact Your Insurers

Report your situation to your auto insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company will assign a claim number. The company may ask you to provide more details so they can take a recorded statement of your version of the events.

In some cases, the company will also send out someone to inspect the vehicle to determine whether or not it can be repaired. Your rental policy may include providing you with a rental car in the meantime.

You will also want to report the incident to the other driver’s insurance company. Have your insurance company contact the insurance company of the other driver to let them know there has been an accident and a claim.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Any case that results in significant injury and length of medical treatment is difficult to navigate. It’s important to find a good personal injury lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve because of your injuries. Our law firm will make sure you know your rights and if we work together on your case we will work to get you the medical and money benefits you deserve for your claim. Give us a call today at Platt Law Firm, P.C. at 515-346-6659 for a FREE consultation and your accidental comp in Des Moines and Urbandale, Iowa!