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Neck Injury

Neck injuries are another common workplace-related injury. Neck injuries can cause pain, weakness, tingling sensation or numbness in your limbs.

In extreme cases, neck injuries make moving your head extremely difficult. These injuries can be caused by performing repetitive strenuous activities or from a traumatic accident.

Because neck injuries affect your ability to perform your daily tasks efficiently, it is important you get treated by a physician as soon as possible. Daily activities such as driving, lifting heavy objects, and sleeping will become difficult if a neck injury is left untreated.

Most neck injuries occur from accidents, falls or overexertion during strenuous repetitive work activities. These types of injuries usually require immediate medical attention and treatment.

Worker’s Compensation For Neck Injuries

Common workers comp for these injuries cover medical costs, lost wages, payment for permanent impairment, and industrial disability in some cases. If you’ve suffered a neck injury at work, you should contact your insurance company immediately.


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