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What Our Clients Say About Platt Law Firm PC


“Nick is an AMAZING attorney! He is very professional with excellent communication skills and manners. He always returned my calls and emails in a very timely manner. He is very compassionate and man of his word. I had a particularly complex issue to resolve and he set about solving this with diligence, tenacity and compassion. His attention to my needs and the sensitive nature of my case made this a difficult and time-consuming effort. His professionalism and knowledge of this area of law was outstanding. I have no hesitation in recommending him for anyone who needs a Worker’s Comp attorney.”


“Read this if you are looking for an attorney with all the skills and knowledge of workers compensation to win your case and also care about you in a personal way, to get you all the benefits you have coming. All ways a pleasure working with Nick Platt and his staff. Give them a call. You will not be sorry.”


“Nick is an amazing attorney and a great person. He takes his cases and clients personally and definitely cares about them. He is honest from the start and won’t steer you down the wrong path. My case is finally done after several years and he was a huge support when I felt like just giving up. All of my phone calls and emails were always answered quickly and thoroughly. I will always recommend him to anyone needing a work comp attorney.”


“Nick is a great lawyer. He was willing to drive to meet with me when I did not tolerate riding in the car. This first impression is why I chose to hire Nick. He always answered my emails, phone calls and questions in a timely fashion. I am so glad that I chose Nick. No matter the outcome of my case, I know that I was represented by a great lawyer. I would highly recommend Nick.”


“I was at an end with my work comp claim. Denied by work comp and stuck paying the bills that came with it. I met with Nick and he reassured me that I had a case but it wasn’t going to be easy. Long story short he got me more than I thought I would ever get and he kept fighting and got me even more. Big thank you to him and everyone that works with him. He made it easy and never gave up. I highly recommend stopping in to see him before you go anywhere else. A million thanks to Nick and the Platt Law Firm.”


“Took me on as a client when nobody else would and won my case! Kept up with running around in circles with work comp. and never gave up on me. Also, ended up getting me more than I thought I would. I would highly recommend Nick!”


“Nick was great in so many ways. Communication is key, he followed up every month just to check in even when there wasn’t any new news. He was easy to talk to, available when needed. He has a great staff which also made things easier. I felt he cared a lot about me as a person. When it was all said and done, I feel he got the most for my settlement. It was a win-win situation. I would refer him to anyone in need.”


“Nick did an outstanding job with my work comp lawsuit. If you have a work comp issue, I highly recommend Nick Platt. I made the right choice when I signed up with him, and if I ever had another issue of this kind, I’d sign up with him again.”


“Nick encouraged me to wait it out, so I took his advice. The payout went from $50,000 to $114,000. I guess waiting was the answer. Thanks Nick.”


“Nick was quick to reply to questions and concerns I had. Nick is honest with you and will tell the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear, but then will explain why.”


My name is Daniel. I am very happy to give my testimony to Attorney Nicholas W. Platt, who represented my case, and got it done in a short period of time.”


“Initially, I didn’t want to hire an attorney. I was hopeful that the opposing insurance company would work with me and we could quickly come to an agreeable settlement. After some initial conversations, it became abundantly clear that was not going to happen.

“I hired Nick to represent me to ensure that my and my family’s best interests were being looked out for. It was the best decision I made.

“Not only was Nick always responsive to questions I had, he was proactive about keeping me informed on how the case was progressing. He painted a realistic picture of the case itself and mapped out the process to help me understand the timeline and various steps along the way. Best of all, his initial assessment of the case was right on par with the ultimate outcome.

“I never felt pressured to settle early or make a decision that wasn’t truly in my best interest. While I hope I never have to hire another attorney, Nick would be my first phone call!”


“Nick worked hard to keep me informed every step of the way. He always answered my questions and got me a larger settlement than I thought. I am very satisfied with the outcome.”


“Nick is personable and easy to work with. He listens and is attentive. He is thorough and communicates well. I would highly recommend Nick.”


“Nick came to our home. He was very personable and always available. Nick was very easy to deal with and always treated us with the utmost respect. We would highly recommend Nick Platt.”


“Nick is a very professional and thorough attorney. He makes every effort to keep you informed as situations progress. He is very trustworthy and genuinely puts your needs first. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need.”


“Nick was awesome to work with! He was very helpful with my case! I would send all of my friends to him! I should mention I won my case because of Nick!”


“Nick is personable and professional and ensured I received adequate compensation for my injury.”


“Nick would always put my case first and was always checking up on me. Thank you, Nick, for everything you did.”


“Being personable as well as professional, Nick treated my case as if it were his own … with care, courtesy and a diligence that eased all my worries. Thank you, Nick.”


“Nick was great to work with. He cared about making sure I received the medical treatment I needed as well as a settlement that was more than we expected. He was very knowledgeable and personable.”


“Nick helped me get into more physical therapy to see if things would get better for me. He has helped with other areas and took the headache on for me. Thank you so much for your help!”


“Nick was easy to work with and always responsive to questions that I might have had. He worked very hard to get a fair settlement.”


“I couldn’t be more pleased with your services. You were very easy to talk to and explained everything so we understood. We will recommend your services to our friends and family if there is ever a need. Thanks again, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you.”


“Nick fought hard for me and was available whenever I needed him. Nick got me a great settlement. Thanks.”


“I was very pleased with the work you did for me. I am very thankful that you helped me in this case, I would also recommend you to anybody who needs a lawyer. Thank you.”

Craig S.

“Nick was easy to deal with and worked hard to get me a favorable settlement. He made the whole process very smooth.”


“Nick was very knowledgeable and was very respectful and patient with what I wanted. Nick helped me get a settlement that was larger than what I expected at the beginning of my case. I was very happy working with Nick.”

Michael D.

“Nick was fantastic to work with. He kept me apprised of what was transpiring with my suit and worked very hard to get me a settlement that was much larger than I had hoped for when we first started the process. I will certainly call on Nick again when the need arises.”


“Nick was available whenever I would call and worked hard to get me a favorable settlement. He was very responsive to my questions and always had time to listen to my concerns. Nick was easy to deal with and treated me with respect.”