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Workers’ Compensation For Hip Injury

Injuries to the hip are one of the most common injuries that happen in the workplace. Many workers suffer a work-related accident during their career.

Injuries to the hip are usually caused by slip and falls or impacts from an object. If you sustain an injury due to your job, report the injury to your employer immediately and ask them to send you to medical treatment.

If you have sustained an injury as a direct result of your job, you may want to file for workers’ compensation. Hiring an attorney to review your claim to determine the benefits you are owed will give you a better understanding of your rights.

Common Types Of Hip Injuries


A fall at work can cause a traumatic force to be exerted on the hip, causing a fracture.

If significant damage is done to the hip, surgery may be required to fix the damage. Sometimes, therapy may be required to gain normal mobility. In other cases, hip injuries could cause permanent damage and lead to permanent work restrictions.

Hip fractures usually result in missed time from work.

Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis is a type of hip injury that results from the inflammation of the bursa. Our hips contain two small jelly-like sacs that serve as shock absorbers between the bones and soft tissue.

If the bursa becomes irritated due to repetitive physical stress or trauma, they become inflamed. If this trauma is caused or made worse by your job, it is compensable under workers’ compensation. Doctors may perform MRI scans, ultrasounds, and X-rays to determine the exact location of a patient’s injuries and the best treatment possible.

Labral Tears

A labral tear is caused by repetitive actions that force the cartilage in the hip socket, aka the labrum, to disjoint from the bone. You can hear a popping sound when this happens and many times significant pain occurs. If you suspect a labral tear that is due to a traumatic accident at work or due to repetitive work duties, you should let your employer know immediately and request to see a doctor. If you are not sure if the pain is caused by work, you should still let your employer know and consult with a physician.

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