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Experienced Mediation Services For Parties Throughout Iowa

When you have a legal dispute, there are ways to resolve it that do not involve time in a courtroom. In workers’ compensation claims, the parties can choose to through mediation before resorting to litigation. At Platt Law Firm PC, I offer my services as a neutral mediator, aiming to help both parties reach an acceptable resolution of their claim and avoid litigation.

My name is Nicholas Platt. With years of experience litigating and negotiating workers’ compensation claims in Iowa, I have a deep understanding of Iowa’s workers’ compensation laws and the challenges both parties face in a claim. I can travel throughout the state to help you resolve your claim.

What To Expect At A Workers’ Compensation Mediation

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that involves a third-party mediator to help facilitate discussions between the parties and their lawyers. The mediator does not impose a judgment or a solution, instead leaving it up to the parties to make all settlement decisions. In a workers’ compensation case, multiple parties attend the mediation, including the injured party, the insurance adjuster representing the employer and the attorneys for both parties.

Mediation allows you to address all the major aspects of a workers’ compensation case, including wage loss benefits, payment for medical expenses and future lost wages. There are many benefits to mediation, including saving valuable time and money. Without the hassle of preparing for a trial, you can settle your claim much faster and cheaper.

Learn More About How Mediation Can Help You Resolve Your Claim

Mediation is a great option and step to take before further litigation. Having practiced workers’ compensation law for years, I have a deep understanding of the challenges of this area of law. I understand the law from both sides and will serve as an effective neutral party to help you settle a claim. To learn more about my mediation services, contact my Urbandale office at 515-346-6659 or complete my online contact form to schedule a consultation.