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Injured at work in Ankeny, Iowa? Get Our Personal Injury Attorney Help Near You

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2018 | Firm News

Work-related injuries can be a tough obstacle to overcome. But when you hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney near Ankeny, Iowa, it will help alleviate the stress of having a work injury and get you the treatment you deserve. Platt Law Firm has been a highly successful work comp and personal injury attorney for many Ankeny workers. He is dedicated to being responsive and available to answer your questions and make sure you are treated fairly. He will fight to make sure you have proper medical treatment and get the payments you deserve according to Iowa law. Nicholas Platt and his staff are available to take your calls and answer questions.

Platt Law Firm has worked with Ankeny, Iowa employees that have been injured due to a collision, work injury, or slip and fall accidents. Many people are unaware that even long-term repetitive injuries can become work comp cases. It is very important to report even minor work injuries to your employer to preserve your right to benefits.

Whatever the situation, don’t disregard your injury. Get in contact with Nick Platt to find out your rights and how to best navigate the workers’ compensation system as soon as possible. It almost always benefits you to consult with an attorney when you have a work injury, even if you do not pursue litigation. The Platt Law Firm offers free consultations for personal injury and workers compensation inquires, and we will travel to meet with you in Ankeny.

If you’ve suffered a work injury in Ankeny, Iowa, give the Platt Law Firm personal injury attorney near you a call at 515-346-6659. We will listen to your situation and make sure you understand the various options for your workers’ compensation case.