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According to Data USA, The economy of Johnston, IA employs 10,798 people. There are a wide variety of jobs that employ people in Johnston. Some of the most common, and largest industries in Johnston, IA are finance & insurance (1,973), healthcare & social assistance (1,456), and professional, scientific, tech services (1,036). Johnston’s economy is not heavily manufacturing-focused, but traditional office jobs still pose a threat of injuries. The top industries in Johnston are more likely to experience repetitive injuries than traumatic injuries that you might find in an industrial setting.

Work-related injuries that become apparent over time still entitle employees to Iowa workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes, repetitive or heavy work can cause an injury to appear or worsen over time. These are called cumulative injuries, and Iowa workers’ compensation laws are designed to compensate for them. When injuries that occur at work do not occur in a traumatic fashion but happen over time due to repetitive duties at work, the date of injury is the date which the disability “manifests itself,” that is when it is apparent to a reasonable person that the injury is causally related to the claimant’s employment.

Because cumulative trauma disorders are so unpredictable, it is especially important for you to be able to recognize symptoms of common cumulative injuries in their early stages. Take symptoms seriously. Tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lower back problems are the most common cumulative trauma disorders. When these injuries arise, and you feel that they are due to your work activities, report them to your employer. Even if you are not currently pursuing medical care, it is still important to report these cumulative injuries.

Whatever the situation, don’t disregard your injury. Get in contact with Nick Platt to find out how workers comp works as soon as possible. It almost always benefits you to consult with a worker’s compensation attorney when you have a work injury. The Platt Law Firm offers free consultations for personal injury and workers compensation inquires, and we will travel to meet with you in Johnston, Iowa.