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Pella is a beautiful city just 60 minutes southeast of Des Moines, Iowa. The town has around 10,300 for its population and it provides a great quality of living for its residents. Pella is a community built on Dutch traditions that include Tulip Time Festival. Pella also has outstanding meat markets and bakeries in their town square. The residents pride themselves on hard work, good character, and a drive to succeed.

Nick Platt has been lucky to visit Pella many times and help Pella residents with their personal injury and work comp Iowa questions. When situations arise that cause pain and suffering, it can really disrupt daily life. Contact our skilled attorney lawyers in Pella, Iowa for more information.

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If you live in Pella, or the surrounding areas such as Knoxville, Pleasantville, or Melcher-Dallas and have questions about an injury, call Attorney Nick Platt. Whether you’re dealing with a personal injury such as a motorcycle accident, or an injury sustained at work due to falling objects, or slipping from a ladder, Nick Platt has the experience needed to get the results you want. Due to large scale manufacturing operations in Pella, injuries can occur and quickly put stress in your life.

Please visit our frequently asked questions about personal injury and work comp claims for Pella, IA residents. If still have questions, give Nick Platt a call for a free consultation. It will not cost you anything, and It can only benefit you to have your situation reviewed by a central Iowa workers’ compensation attorney. With Nick Platt on your side, you’ll feel confident that you can get back on with your life and get fair treatment during your workers compensation or personal injury in Des Moines and Urbandale, IA.