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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Marshalltown, Iowa

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Firm News

At Platt Law Firm, one of the best Workers Compensation Attorney, we encourage Marshalltown residents, and employees to contact us regarding their work-related injuries, and personal injuries such as car accidents, biking accidents, and more. With the Marshalltown area only being an hour’s drive from Des Moines, we not only help people that work and live in Marshalltown, but we have been able to help a variety of residents in Marshall County.

If you work in a manufacturing setting like at Central Iowa Machine, Inc., Interface Sealing Solutions, Inc., Lennox Industries, Inc., or Ace Precision International, LLC and have been injured on the job, your immediate choices following a work injury could mean the difference between receiving compensation or not. If you have experienced crashes and collisions, cuts and lacerations, inhaling toxic fumes, or exposure to loud noise and haven’t followed the steps to reporting a work injury claim? Then you may need a work comp attorney by your side. Don’t leave anything up to chance if you feel you’ve been unjustly treated by your employer, an insurance company, or an individual. We want to help you take the first steps to get your life back into order.

Attorney Nicholas Platt has been practicing law in Des Moines for many years and has specific expertise in workers’ compensation claims. If you haven’t received the proper care, or benefits, call our office today at 515-346-6659 or complete our contact form on our website. We will meet with you anytime for a free consultation regarding your work comp claim.