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How long can you receive workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

When workers suffer injuries or illnesses due to their job, workers’ compensation provides an important safety net. However, the amount of time you can receive this support depends on your situation. What should you know?

How long do benefits last?

Some states restrict the amount of time that a worker can receive benefits. However, in Iowa, the duration of workers’ compensation benefits depends on the type and severity of the injury. The specific circumstances of the worker’s case also influence how long they receive benefits.

One important aspect of workers’ compensation is medical benefits. These benefits cover the medical care the employee needs to heal. Workers will receive medical benefits for as long as necessary to treat the work-related injury or illness.

When a worker’s injury temporarily prevents them from working or forces them to work a lesser-paying job while injured, they can receive temporary disability benefits. Temporary disability benefits last until a worker has recovered enough to return to their previous job or in a similar position.

What if the injury resulted in permanent damage?

If an injury results in permanent damage, they may be able to receive healing period benefits. These benefits last until the worker can return to the workforce or recovers as much as possible from their injuries.  These benefits are the same type of benefits as temporary disability benefits, but are called healing period benefits when an injury causes permanent damage.

For workers who permanently lose use of a part of their body, permanent partial disability benefits offer support for a period based on which body part they have lost. Each arm, leg, hand, arm, foot, and eye is assigned a specific number of benefits depending on the damage to each body part.  An injury to your neck, back or torso of your body can lead to benefits that exceed the permanent partial disability benefits for each body part and industrial disability can be awarded.

If a worker is fully unable to return to work after an injury, they receive permanent total disability (PTD) benefits. These workers can receive PTD benefits for the duration of their disability.

Knowing the laws surrounding the duration of workers’ compensation benefits can help you understand your rights after a workplace injury and make informed decisions while you recover.  Call Platt Law Firm to talk to experts about what type of benefits you are eligible for due to your work injury at 515-278-1522.