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When and why to hire a workers’ compensation attorney

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides financial support, medical coverage and wage replacement for people with on-the-job injuries. If it weren’t for workers’ compensation laws in Iowa, any injured person would be in a difficult position – and could potentially lose their job for a work accident. Workers’ compensation is a vital benefit, but for people across Des Moines, the system’s complexity leads to several times when you should consider hiring an attorney:

Claim denials

A denial is one of the first problems you will encounter with your workers’ compensation coverage. Many workers’ compensation claims face initial denial, not because of the case’s merits but as a cost-saving measure. However, an initial denial does not mean compensation is out of reach.

A common reason for a denial is a preexisting condition. However, the Iowa worker’s compensation law can still provide coverage if your work reaggravates an existing injury or other condition.

Disputed benefits

Even if your claim is not initially denied, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company has many opportunities to dispute your benefits. They may deny treatment courses or require the use of specific doctors and other medical practitioners.

Permanent disabilities

A total permanent disability will eventually lead you into the Social Security disability insurance process, separate from workers’ compensation. However, many injuries do not result in a total disability, and for those, you will receive compensation for a permanent partial disability.

Iowa maintains a strict schedule for calculating payment durations. However, if your injury falls under an “industrial disability“—one that is not listed on the “scheduled member chart—you would get the maximum number of weeks of payment, which is 500 weeks.

What a lawyer brings to the table

A lawyer working with you on a workers’ compensation claim brings considerable benefits. They take on the struggles of the paperwork, filling it out and filing it faster and with fewer missteps. They answer and sit for any hearing or denial there may be. Your lawyer will take every necessary step for your appeals.

Most of all, an attorney can often lead to a greater workers’ compensation settlement for you. Your attorney will work hard to maximize your claim to get you as much care, attention and compensation as possible.